1. Does SleepBank have electromagnetic waves?

Unlike ordinary high-frequency electromagnetic waves such as mobile phone and Wi-Fi, the magnetic field created by SleepBank is a low-frequency magnetic field that is close to the ground.You can be assured of its long-term use. SleepBank has passed strict guidelines – FCC certification of the USA and CE certification of the EU – and is insured with a $4 million property and casualty insurance and guarantee. Please feel free to use SleepBank at ease.

2. How long does it take to experience the effects of SleepBank?

In general, users will feel the difference and effects of SleepBank within 1 to 7 days. Users suffering from slight sleep problems will experience its effects in about 3 weeks, and users suffering from severe sleep problems will experience SleepBank’s effects in about 2 to 3 months. Unlike a traditional biochemical drug that treats sleep problems, SleepBank repairs your body with biophysical resonance. Long-term use is recommended for more visible results.

3. As I usually share a bed with my kid, is SleepBank effective for my kid too?

Nowadays, kids may be prone to stress because of school and examinations. Specially designed for groups under intense pressure, the use and sharing of SleepBank can be helpful for your kid(s) in the long run. SleepBank helps to enhance their memory and attention during learning processes. Kids can also learn with ease if they sleep well.

4. Should I use SleepBank even though I do not suffer from sleeping problems?

Designed to improve one’s in-depth sleep, SleepBank aids in the body mechanism – even for those who do not suffer from sleep problems. Sleep accounts for one-third of our lives, and it is also the self-repairing time of the body. Imagine having an in-depth body healing session within the biophysical repairing frequency in your everyday’s sleep!

5. It feels great after using SleepBank for a while. However, will I end up being too dependent on it?

The main operational principle of SleepBank is the adjustment of frequency instead of medication. There should not be any dependency problem. After the use of SleepBank, one’s body will start to feel the balanced status of the frequency adjustment. You will significantly feel at ease and comfort. However, if you do not adjust your lifestyle and habits, your body will still remain in the past cycle – a main cause of your body’s imbalance.

1. What are gallstones?

Bile, the secretion of the liver, composes of water, cholesterol, other fats, bile salts, and bile pigments. However, when the components of bile become out of balance, gallstones may occur. Gallstones may be deposited at different locations, and are named differently. The formation of stones in gallbladder are called gallstones. The formation of stones in the common bile duct are called common bile duct stones. The formation of stones in the intrahepatic bile duct are called intrahepatic stones.

2. Why do I have gallstones?

Gallstones are mainly caused by the accumulation of effects of one’s unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

  1. Eating too much, heavy taste, lack of water, excessive intake of meat, oil, sugar, etc. (increases cholesterol in the bile). Obesity, age, long-term diet, weight loss, women who undergo long-term oral contraceptives, multiple pregnancies, illnesses such as diabetes, liver disease, pancreatic disease, and gastrointestinal surgery), heredity (more likely in women than men).
  2. Bad mood/temper, staying up late at night, working hard all day, frequent eating out, overall environmental pollution, liver damage caused by the above reasons, causing long-term accumulation of excess body and degenerated fats that have not been completely excreted, which ends up staying in one’s gallbladder, bile duct, or intrahepatic bile duct.
3. Our liver has gallstones too?

Modern medical technology can only detect gallstones in one’s gallbladder not cholesterol gallstones in one’s liver. However, in reality, most people who suffer from chronic illnesses actually have gallstones in their liver.

4. Which group(s) of people is suitable to undergo the process of liver and gallbladder detoxification?

People who suffer from sub-health statuses such as poor blood circulation, poor digestive system, low or weakened immune system, muscle aches, etc., can undergo detoxification to improve the health and fitness levels of their bodies. People who undergo the liver and gallbladder detoxification diet to cleanse their body can also find themselves making adjustments to their weights in the process.

In general, everyone (except those who suffer from kidney problems) are advised to undergo the liver and gallbladder detoxification. Also, only children above the age of 16 or more are advised to undergo the programme.

5. If I am currently suffering from the inflammation of liver, gallbladder or kidneys, can I still undergo the liver and gallbladder detoxification?

You will advised to minimize the discomforts of inflammation if you suffer from liver, gallbladder, kidney, intestinal inflammation or appendicitis by avoiding foods that are fried, barbecued, spicy and high-fat that can easily cause inflammation.Once the condition of your inflammation improves, the liver and gallbladder detoxification diet is the best treatment.

6. When is it necessary to do a liver and gallbladder cleanse?

You can conduct a self-assessment with the following symptoms below. If you suffer from 2-3 or more of the below symptoms, this means that a liver and gallbladder cleanse is necessary.

  • Irregular menstruation, the amount is too heavy or too little
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Endocrine Disorders
  • Obesity
  • Dark or spots on face
  • Often tired
  • Long-term acne, frequent oral ulcers
  • Dark, dim eyes, indigestion, upset stomach
  • Dizziness, nose bleeds
  • Bleeding gums, nausea or vomiting
  • Occurrence of red spots on face, chest, hands and feet
  • Allergic symptoms such as cough and an itchy, runny or blocked nose in the morning or the change in season
  • Jaundice in eyes, fingernails and skin
  • Frequent alcohol intake or overdrinking
  • Swollen legs or bloated stomach
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Diabetes
  • Pains on right side of lower chest
  • Fatty liver or Cirrhosis
  • Long-term medication
  • Sexual dysfunction
7. What are the symptoms during the detoxification period?
  • If one’s toxic accumulation is serious, a smelly stench will be emitted from your stools.
  • A slight uncomfortable feeling in stomach and intestines, and may be associated with abdominal gas. This means that the detoxification diet is in effect, and you may use suitable and mild massage to speed up detoxification process. Uncontrollable flatulence (passing of wind) due to the excretion of toxins in intestines may occur afterwards, and this is a normal phenomenon.
  • The feeling of wanting to go the toilet often
8. What are the periods that are not suitable for detoxification?

People who suffer from digestive tract and other visceral bleeding, severe hypoglycemia, as well as women undergoing menstruation cycle are not recommended for the detoxification. In addition, one should try to arrange to undergo detoxification during holidays or on undisturbed days.

9. People who suffer from liver and gallbladder ailments are advised by doctors not to consume foods or liquids that are greasy. However, the liver detoxification diet requires the consumption of olive oil. Is that contradictory?

The main reason why people who suffer liver and gallbladder ailments are not advised to consume greasy foods or liquids is: greasy food contains a lot of saturated fatty acids. However, the original imported extra virgin olive oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, which consists of omega-6 and omega-3 that our body requires, and can aid in reducing blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood viscosity as well as improve blood circulation and other functions.

10. Can I still undergo the liver detoxification diet despite having had Cholecystectomy?

The main important function of the gallbladder is to store bile. Although Cholecystectomy removes one’s gallbladder, the main bile duct will take over its functions, as well as many other bile ducts in the liver, which will filled with loads of toxins. It’s all the more that such people should undergo detoxification to get rid of toxins from their body.

11. Are the crystallized excreted toxins a type of scientific method used as a form of gimmick by the company?

First of all, all chemical reactions are fixed. For example, water can only be broken down into oxygen and hydrogen gas and not something else. Since that is the case, shouldn’t the chemical reaction of the same enzymes products lead to everyone having the same type of discharge? Why do different people have different shapes, sizes and colour of discharge? The main reason is: enzyme is free from any chemical substances and its natural elements are essential for the human body. Plus, each and every person has different types of accumulated toxins, thus excreting toxins of different shapes or colours.

12. When the body has formed a gallstone, can it still be excreted from the body?

Yes, some people can discharge all the gallstones at one time, or require a few times to excrete – with tests stating that the stones have became smaller. This is because the detoxification products have broken down larger stones into smaller stones in batches – this is why some people require multiple detox for the stones from the body to be fully discharged.

13. After consuming the liver detox products, I started to have severe nausea and headache. What should I do?

Some people with poor gastrointestinal tract might suffer from a gastroesophageal reflux phenomenon upon drinking the detoxification products. As such, they are advised to maintain ‘lying on your right’ position and not move as much, as well as to use a higher pillow. After a significant amount of toxins have been excreted, people who usually stay up late or with poor liver and gallbladder function might suffer from severe nausea or vomiting. To get rid of the nausea or vomit, try to raise the pillow and not think about vomiting, or suppress by keeping ginger slices or plums in your mouth (without swallowing or chewing).

14. How does the Olive Oil excretes itself from the body? Will it remain as a toxic burden in the body?

There is no residue left in the body. Once olive oil enter into the body, the liver and gallbladder secretes a large amount of bile into the duodenum. The bile will emulsify the fats entered in the body, causing the fat particles to shrink smaller. At this point of time, the gallbladder and bile duct stones (if there are) will enter the duodenum together with the bile, then to the small intestine through and then discharged from the body,

15. I did not have a watery stool. What should I do?

You may consume more water.

16. It has been a day and a half since I last ate. Am I allowed to resume my normal diet immediately after the liver detoxification diet?

After detoxification, your liver, gallbladder and gastrointestinal tract is in a new state. You are advised to eat light, bland or liquid foods for the day so that the detoxification effects work better.

17. After the liver detoxification diet, are gallstones necessary in the excretion of toxins?

According to a clinical study conducted in North America, 90% of adults have gallstones; 50% of children have gallstones. 85% (over 18 years of age) who showed no symptoms was found to have gallstones after undergoing detoxification. 100% of cancer patients who have undergone liver and gallbladder detoxification found themselves with gallstones. 100% who have food allergies undergone liver and gallbladder detoxification has also found themselves with gallstones. Not only that, 100% who suffer from bad breath found out that they had gallstones after liver and gallbladder detoxification. Therefore, this means that almost everybody has or suffer gallstones problems.

18. What should I do if I feel hungry?

The reason why you are hungry is because of poor preparation before detoxification. During detoxification period, meals should be simple and light, and food intake should be gradually reduced so you will not feel hungry. In addition, you can drink plenty of water to eliminate hunger pangs.

19. Can the liver detoxification diet aid in losing weight?

Although the main purpose of liver detoxification is not losing weight, we have witnessed a lot who suffer from weight problems (e.g. Find it hard to gain weight, or lose weight) have been able to return to the normal mass weight after the liver detoxification. Those who find it hard to gain weight have not only added a couple of pounds, but also holds great complexion and energy. Also, those who find it hard to lose weight would see themselves losing most of the fats, especially around their abdomens. This is all because their livers and gallbladders have been detoxified and their hormones are finally balanced.

20. Can I still undergo the liver detoxification if I am currently on long-term medication?

Yes, when undergoing liver detoxification, we recommend stopping all medication, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, unless necessary. In addition, the intake of nutritional supplements should be stopped.

21. Are there any side effects of the liver detoxification diet?

There will not be any side effects as long as proper preparation and maintenance are done before and after detoxification.

22. Are most of the floating debris of toxins excreted from the liver and gallbladder? Are they caused by certain products or ingredients?

These debris are from the liver and gallbladder. The most typical colour of excretion after detoxification is green, which means it is affected by the bile. Although bile does get discharged from the body, one’s excretion do not appear green as the bile will be oxidized whilst in the intestines. Excretions may also be in the form of dark green, green, brown, gray and other colours. This is due to the different amounts of cholesterol and bilirubin in the stones that one has. The shape and colour of each and every person’s excretion or discharge is different.

Two people who start and undergo the same detoxification together will have different types of excretion for the first and second times. From here, we can tell that the colours are not caused by products. There are some who think that the stones might from the stomach or intestines. However, stones in the stomach or intestines are usually caused by improper diet – mostly containing plants or foreign body components – with rough surfaces and from moderate to high hardness. If these stones are too large or hard, they may cause symptoms of intestinal obstruction, which is totally different from the excretion of toxins discharged from your body.

23. How often should we undergo liver detoxification? Will we end up being dependent on it?

After completing a liver and gallbladder detoxification, you may decide and schedule for another detoxification diet with accordance to your situation. Experts advise that it is best to undergo the second detoxification one month after the first, and the third time two months after the first, with two continual times until there are no signs of stones. Afterwards, it is best to undergo a detoxification diet once a year. The health of your liver and gallbladder relates to your lifestyle and work habits: the healthier your life, the healthier your liver and gallbladder will be (this is akin to giving your house a spring clean).

24. How do I confirm that my body has excreted toxins in my waste from my liver and gallbladder?

The whole process of clearing toxins from the liver and gallbladder is built on the basis of one’s intestines, thus, one’s excretion on the morning of the second day is usually watery and clear. And at this point of time, if floating debris is spotted – they may actually be the waste of the liver and gallbladder’s – which may be in the form of blocks, granules, rice brans, or heavy and sediment-like stones that sinks in water. The amount and time of excretion of toxins for each person varies, but is mostly concentrated between 6am to 12pm of the second day.

25. What and how should I maintain after the liver detoxification diet?

On that day of the excretion of toxins, you may consume a small amount of liquid foods and vegetables as your stomach is empty during detoxification. The immediate consumption of food may stimulate your gastric mucosa and cause discomfort in your stomach. You should adhere to clean eating and replenishing foods in the later part of your diet. After detoxification, you are advised to recondition your body through nutritional supplements and enzyme meal replacement.