Facing Joint Problems?

How To Take Care Of Your Joints?

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The amazing DIY Meridian Course

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Finding it hard to get out of bed,or waking up to stiff and aching joints?

Studies have shown that the flexibility of your joints declines as you grow older, due to the decreasing amount of lubricating fluid inside your joints and its thinner cartilages. Are you subjected to a limited range of motion, weak joints, or joint pain? Without healthy joints, bones may rub together and make even the simplest movements pain- ful. So take action with our Joint Care Protection Health Talk now – where you can gain

DIY tips on how you can maintain better joint health and re- gain joint flexibility! What’s more, these useful DIY techniques can either be done in the comfort of your homes or be taught across your loved ones.

What You Will Learn From Our Health Talk

  • DIY meridian techniques that can help you to solve your:
    • Limited range of motion
    • Stiff joints
    • Difficulty in squatting
    • Weak joints
    • Joint pain, etc
  • Tips on how you can maintain better joint health
  • Tips on how you can protect and care for your joints

Ms. Qin Ai Mei

Health Consultant Hong Guang Meridian Lecturer

Ms. Qin Ai Mei has over 20 years of experience in the beauty and meridian research field and has conducted countless (over 100) health talks in China, Malaysia and Singapore. Her simplification of the profound meaning behind meridian (Traditional Chinese Medicine) makes it easy for everyone to learn.

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  • Discover DIY Techniques On
    How You Can Fix Your Joint Problems

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